Reframing Sustainability

Employee Insights for Better Business

Our Insights Tool

Breakthrough data analytics to help you make better sense of sustainability, quantify its impact and influence behaviour change.

For organisations of any size, sector or geography who want to protect and grow their value through sustainability.


A fun and simple way to engage employees in strategic sustainability initiatives. 

2. Collect stickers for taking and shaping action

Awareness, Activity, Feedback and Personal stickers - to drive understanding, participation, innovation and collective/personal action

4. Track and improve performance

Regular and real time activity feedback across all your key strategic initatives

1. Choose your sticker book

A standard or superhero sticker book to choose your level of involvement

3. Get recongised and rewarded

Create your own teams and competitions, track and share your achievements and shape the things you care about.

For teams of any size or function who care about sustainability

Benefits you can count on:







15 times more data than an annual report

Our approach is 74% more trusted than traditional reports

Double the level of employee satisfaction

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