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Measure sustainability

Involve employees 

Improve performance

Reliable performance data and actionable insight. By engaging and inspiring those who know your organisation best.

Obliquity Report measuring sustainability and engaging employees

Whether you are pioneers or at the early stages of your journey we help by providing employee-generated insights to accurately measure impact, increase engagement and drive wider business improvements. 

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Putting employees and sustainability at the heart of your organisation.

Combining your employees’ knowledge with our analytics.

Benefits you can count on:

Greater control


Greater engagement

Greater reputation

Successful sustainability initiatives don't happen to employees,  they happen because of them

Why we focus on employees

Employees know your business best

Since employees are directly responsible for implementing initiatives, they are ideally placed to provide detailed, reliable, and comprehensive feedback.


Employees are trustworthy and objective 

Their opinions on sustainability are more trusted than marketing or CEO claims. This means they are best placed to provide credible and independent feedback. 



Employees link sustainability to business performance

Actively engaging employees results in higher levels of satisfaction, productivity and loyalty. This is a key link between sustainability and business performance.


Our latest thinking, reports and trends 

Report into Employee Inclusion in Sustainability

Less than one third of organisations involve employees in their corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

Our report outlines the productivity, loyalty, recruitment and communication benefits for doing so, with practical insights shared by business leaders.

Building a business-wide business case for sustainability:

We put employees at the heart of your values and mission and give each one an opportunity to contribute to its ongoing success, embedding sustainability throughout every business function:




Reliable and comparable data that measures impact, allows you to focus your time on implementing sustainable change and supports you in setting, tracking and exceeding more ambitious targets.



Engage, involve and inspire your entire workforce in the issues they care about. Link your values and mission to productivity, loyalty and engagement gains, and appeal to more prospective employees.

Communications &


Use your most trusted asset to better communicate your organisation’s commitments to the environment and society; the issues that most readily build consumer trust in your brand.

Senior Leadership 

& Directors

Maintain control through regular and proactive assurance regarding performance of every material sustainability issue, and minimise the risk of failing and adverse media attention.


Apply a reliable, time and cost-effective method for auditing your whole supply chain to ensure it is aligned to – and not potentially putting at risk - your corporate reputation, mission and goals.



We provide a combination of value for money, reliability and 50+ KPIs per report. Enabling you to measure, track and maximise ROI for every key corporate sustainability initiative and goal.

100%  employee generated insights:

What we are not:

Eco Label

We’re about substance over symbols. We provide tangible and comprehensive assurance that enables you to benchmark internally and set greater goals going forward. 


We believe the best solutions already exist within your organisation. We provide an independent platform that converts your employees’ knowledge into recommendations for even larger impact.

HR Agency

Whilst we focus on your workforce, we only do so through the lens of corporate responsibility. Our employee generated metrics are exclusively about helping you embed sustainability, values and purpose. 


We deliberately haven’t developed a complex software solution, so there’s no installation, no licence fee, no training and no compatibility issues with your IT department. We use whatever platform already works for you.

How we work with you

We adapt to your business.
  • Customised service

  • Focused only on what is relevant to you

  • 100% geared to your organisations journey

We engage those who know best.
  • Fast service – no need for us to immerse in your culture, your employees live it.

  • All feedback is 100% employee generated – giving everyone a chance to get involved

Provide reliable, clear insights.
  • Embed sustainability across the organisation - account for different demographics, geographies and business units

Track improved performance. 
  • Drive continual improvement in your policies and set, measure and achieve greater goals

  • Build a precise and clear-cut business case for sustainability


Meet The Team

Simon Kelly

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John Isherwood

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Charlotte Roberts-Jones

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Head of Design


Our Advisory Board

Dr Louise Drake

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Sarah Freed

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Breakthrough data analytics that makes better sense of sustainability by quantifying its impact and influencing behaviour change across your organisation.

Breakthrough data analytics to make sense of sustainability by quantifying its impact and influencing behaviour change across your organisation.

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Whether you're an employer interested in performance measurment and unlocking the potential of your employees, or an employee who would like to get more involved in sustainability, we'd love to hear from you.
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